LED bar

LED bar is made with AL PCB as circuit boards. These bars offer bright and efficient illumination with a compact and durable design. LED bar is easier to fix, and is more convenient to process and install.Suitable for installation in standard large-sized spaces. LED bar lights uses SMD LEDs with various specifications such as 18 LEDs, 24 LEDS, 30 LEDS, 36 LEDS, 40 LEDSetc; those with direct plug-in LEDs include 18LEDs, 24LEDs, 36LEDs, and 48 LEDs,etc. Common voltage is 12V /24V/220V.

LED bar lights
LED bar lights


  • LED brightness            100-110Lm
  • Input vlotage               DC24V
  • LED type                      SMD3030
  • Color temperature      2700K-6500K
  • Size                             940*12*1.2mm
  • LED quantity               24*10pcs

Application :

Logo boxes

Push through acrylic

Cove lighting

Accent lighting