Edge light module

LED Edge Light Module is suitable for use in for Sign,Each pack of our LED Sign Edge Light Modules contains 20 modules, providing a comprehensive lighting solution for your signage needs. These modules are specifically designed for easy edge lighting of sign boxes, allowing the light to emit from both sides. This feature creates a visually stunning effect, enhancing the impact of your signage.

Tekhol is committed to providing diverse products and a full range of LED modules and equipment solutions,Unique outlook, lighting efficacy,Constant current, 3-year warranty

OUR LED Edge light module SIGN Applications:advertising three-dimensional luminous characters, signs, indicator light sources; architectural landscapes, hotels, supermarkets and department stores, lighting projects, construction projects, commercial spaces, airports, subways, hospitals, exterior luminous bodies; elevated and high-rise buildings, highways, bridges, landmarks, signs and architectural luminous sources; it provides architects, designers, floodlighting engineering operators, construction engineers and other professionals with comprehensive technical solutions to architectural art visual dynamic colored light lighting. LED light source modules can also be applied to indoor light troughs and ceilings as backlight sources and auxiliary lighting sources.