Led neon light flex usa supplier

Lisa said that when I saw the neon sign, it was pink, so it was very suitable for my daughter’s bedroom. It projects her whole room in a beautiful pink glow. Its packaging is very safe, the instructions are very simple, and it is also equipped with hardware, which can be hung with a chain or directly screwed to the wall. We chose the latter. Hang it up and insert it. The button on the power cord can turn it on and off, and allow you to cycle through three different brightness modes. The dim setting is bright enough. I didn’t notice that there are too many differences between the “brighter” and “brightest” modes.

It hangs on my daughter’s bed, providing enough light for her to read at night. She is very satisfied with this. I like it. Even after driving for several hours, it doesn’t feel hot.


This neon light adds a lot to our entertainment room. We are collecting neon lights and want different and unique ones. This is a good additional function. Its brightness is adjustable. It will not be too bright or too dark.

This is the perfect size and, of course, the perfect style to attract attention.

When I opened this project, I was surprised because it really looked much better than the picture. If you are hesitant about this product because of the price or uncertain where to use it? Trust me, go buy it! You’ll be glad you did. It gives the room a new feeling wherever it is.

This sign is very beautiful and very simple to set! This is much larger than I expected, so we need to prepare some wall space to fill it! Color is full of vitality and can illuminate the whole room! It is absolutely recommended to buy this in your beauty salon!

This lamp is worth every penny! So bright and energetic. I can’t wait to go to my daughter’s bathroom. Positive affirmation all day! I highly recommend it.


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