custom neon bar light

Neon bar signs have been a staple of the bar scene for decades. They add a classic, nostalgic feel to any space and are the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed bar. However, not all neon bar signs are created equal. Here are some of the best bar neon sign nz worth considering for your establishment.

“On Air” Neon Sign
This neon bar sign adds a vintage radio feel to any bar, making it a great choice for those who want to add some character to their space. The sign features the words “On Air” in bold, bright letters, along with a retro microphone icon. It’s a great addition for spaces where live music or DJs are a regular feature.

“Cheers” Neon Sign
The classic “Cheers” neon bar sign is a timeless choice for any establishment. It features the word “Cheers” in bold, cursive writing, with a martini glass icon between the two words. It’s the perfect way to show your bar’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere to patrons.

“Game Room” game room led neon sign custom
For bars with a game room or arcade, this neon sign is a must-have. The sign features bold, bright letters spelling out “Game Room,” along with an iconic joystick and gaming icon. It’s a great way to let patrons know that your establishment is a fun and laid-back space.

“Open” Neon Sign
This classic neon bar sign is perfect for letting patrons know your establishment is open for business. It features bold, bright letters spelling out “Open,” and is a must-have for establishments catering to late-night crowds.

“Cocktails” LED Neon Cocktails Sign supplier
Finally, the “Cocktails” neon sign is a must-have for any bar that specializes in mixed drinks. It features bold, cursive letters spelling out “Cocktails,” along with an iconic martini glass icon. It’s a great way to show off your bar’s mixology skills and create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons.

In conclusion, neon bar signs are a great way to add character and charm to any establishment. From classic designs to more modern variations, there are a wide variety of neon bar signs to choose from. Consider incorporating one of these great designs into your bar’s décor and give your patrons a memorable experience.