Custom Neon bar lights us

Custom Neon bar lights us of  led neon strip sign rope light uk,different lighting equipment can be adjusted and controlled by using different lighting equipment according to different effect requirements, light quantity, light quality and so on to obtain different lighting effects. By analyzing the lighting effect of the general display space environment, we can conclude the commonly used artificial illumination as direct illumination, semi-
direct indirect illumination, semi-indirect illumination, uniform diffuse illumination and other forms.

1. Direct Lighting Direct lighting means that all lights
or more than 90% of the lights directly illuminate the
object to illuminate. Incandescent lamps for fluorescent
lamps and lighting fixtures fall into this category.
Direct lighting is characterized by full use of the
luminous flux and high brightness, but easy glare. It is
commonly used in public spaces requiring higher lighting
or local lighting areas where

2. semi-direct lighting means that about 60% of the
light directly lights the object to be illuminated, with
the rest of the light scattered around. The way that
glass, plastic, paper and other materials can be added
to the outside of the lamp. Semi-direct lighting is
characterized by the light is not saz confusing and the
contrast between light and shadow is not strong. The
ceiling of the lights, ground, walls and surrounding
areas can also be illuminated correctly. Large
exhibitions often use this format.