led neon flex rope

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Neon lights use soft silicone LED strips to control the brightness of the neon lights through the dimmer switch. Soft and bright signs provide a romantic atmosphere, which will make you feel loved and sweet.

This 16.4ft LED neon sign is absolutely huge and super beautiful! I like it. As I want, it completely lights up the room in pink. My only complaint is that because the text is not connected, there are many lines, so there are three huge lines, along the wall, just for it to be inserted. This is secondary, although compared with a good quality product!


There is an ordinary neon sign in our room, which is really interesting. Yes, neon lights usually use soft silicone LED strips, which form wavy neon lights for wall decoration.


It is easy to install it on the wall, and the hardware is included. This is a good installation. The wavy neon lamp is a kind of rhythmic lamp that can be used to decorate the wall. It can create a colorful visual effect and make the wall more vivid and interesting.


The vocal cords are a bit clear, so they are not so prominent. I use transparent tape to stick them together. It looks better than two ropes hanging down. I want the wire to be longer so that it can touch the floor before connecting to the power cord.


They can be very bright, but they are dimmable, which will give you the effect of your room type. They can also be set to flash at different speeds, which really makes you dizzy in a hurry. It can bring fashionable colors to the decoration of the home, and also help improve the indoor atmosphere and make the space more comfortable and warm.


These signs are very strong and almost indestructible. They are a big step larger than my previous neon lights.