led neon rope light wholesale

party neon sign supplier add romantic color to your party. Wonderful shapes and colors create pleasant effects, make the environment unique, and make simple life more colorful and interesting.


This LED logo is handmade. The pink and blue silicone neon light band is still very eye-catching and beautiful even when the light is off in the daytime. High quality silica gel, good light transmittance, soft and uniform light. The signboard is bright and eye-catching, with interesting and witty design, which will definitely attract the attention of guests. The size of the sign is just right. It should not be too big, but it should be big enough to express a point of view.


The neon sign in the bar usually has a very creative design. The shapes include Bedro arrows, large letters, circles, horizontal fan decoration, etc. The color combinations include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other combinations. It is a wonderful and colorful neon light to taste carefully!


The neon lamp is designed with pink and blue color, which is both interesting and fashionable. The overall construction quality of the logo is very good. The solid structure makes people feel durable and well made.


In general, if you are looking for an interesting and interesting neon light to decorate your family bar or party space, this is a good choice.


The logo is compact and solid. The contrast between pink and blue is beautiful. It should be able to light up the bars and rooms at home.