led neon sign bedroom led name lights

If you make your name into a neon lamp and put it in the bedroom, is it more creative and colorful life will create a warm and dreamy atmosphere for your family. These beautiful and modern decorative neon signs make the bright art pop more prominent.

Optional placement There is a hole behind the neon lamp, which can be hung on the wall or placed on the table. The best choice for interior decoration.

Darkness is my impression of night. Every household has only incandescent lamps, which seem to be bright and dark. Until we saw the beautiful neon lights, we devoted ourselves to the cause of neon lights, created a “free life”, and committed to promoting it to more people.

What makes our products unique

The reason why neon lights attract people is that it is a mystery, its meaning and meaning are constantly changing, and it is difficult to limit it – it is all things and nothing at the same time.

Why do we like what we do

Neon sign is also an art form. Each logo is handmade. It is undeniable that there is also artistry in using different gases to change colors and mix. Neon light emits red light, argon emits purple light, helium emits pink, krypton emits silver white, and xenon emits light blue.

This is not as bright as the alien LED I bought from you. It has a small black spot, but that doesn’t prevent it from looking cool. I hope it will be brighter, but it is still a gift and very beautiful. It’s just a little inconvenient. This is passable

If you like to hang it on the TV, you can turn off the lights on the ceiling when watching horror movies!