led neon sign flex

Neon sign 5m 12v ip65 Unique optical light distribution design, uniform and bright light.

• Plane shape light emitting surface, light emitting angle 120 °

• Environmentally friendly silicone material with good flexibility and simple and fashionable appearance

• IP67 protection grade, acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance, UV resistance

• ERP spectroscopic standard, single bin supply, good color consistency

We have established a complete testing and verification laboratory system, improved the testing process of LED logo lighting products and the testing standards and specifications of various products. Testing and verification of optical/electrical/thermal characteristics, environment, service life, reliability and application of products can be carried out at each stage of design, development and production

Applicable scene: commodity shelf display lighting, cabinet lighting, home decoration lighting, auxiliary lighting, background lighting, dark slot lighting and other conventional linear lighting lamps