led neon strip sign rope light uk

In the exhibition design, led neon sign flex and color have the most direct and intense emotional impact on the audience. Therefore, light colors and colors are one of the important means for designers to present the exhibition space and create spatial emotions.


Although light and colors are two different contents in the display design, they are very close. To some extent, the color of the light source determines the color state of an object, and the light is an important factor in determining the color, which should be considered together in the color design. Invisible light is the basis of all existence, and all visual presence requires light exposure. In the digital age, the role of light in the display design is not only to express the space and the exhibits, but also to fully mobilize its expressive force and artistic creativity to serve the display of the plot and the actors in the drama. Compared with the lighting design in other fields, the lighting design in the exhibition field is more striking, paying more attention to the unique visual effects, and has a more artistic appeal. Modern display lighting design attaches great importance to the artistic and expressive characteristics of light. In addition to viewing the exhibition, the experience during the visit is also very important for visitors. The light effects design can enhance the artistic appeal of the display environment, transforming the access process into an aesthetic experience process, which allows visitors to enjoy themselves both physically and mentally and thus more effectively transmit the display information. It can be seen that light plays a particularly important role in display design.