neon home bar sign

Lovely neon light rainbow the unique led rainbow led neon sign flex bursts out colorful light, creating a dreamy and gorgeous atmosphere. Let the neon lights of rainbow clouds illuminate your room.

If there are children at home, they should like it very much. I want a lamp to tell my children a bedtime story. She likes it very much. The color is bright. Great lamp, if it is, I would be happy to buy more!

Wide range of applications: Rainbow neon lights can make your room warmer, party and holiday anniversary more memorable, and are ideal gifts for family, friends and children.

Moon Eye Rainbow Cloud Neon Sign

One of my guests said that he was very satisfied with the lamp. “This photo does not show its fairness. Add perfect touch, I also want to add a few clouds on this wall. The quality is very good, especially the price. I compared the price and size of other brands, which is the cheapest and largest in this price range. I will buy it again, and 100% will recommend it.”

The neon sign is made by hand with the most advanced electrode system, with low energy consumption and long service life.

Compared with ordinary neon lights, its light transmittance is very strong, the light is soft and uniform, and it has a clearer farsighted effect.