Alien Neon Sign

The wall decoration of the alien Neon Sign green alien neon light design is cool and unique. When you put it at home, it is very attractive and children like it. Neon lights emit green light. The excellent neon lights decorate the room, replacing the boring desk lights and adding color to the game room.


The green alien neon sign wall is decorated with the led neon sign flex of aliens. These are all good, such as the game room decoration, or the cool crawling alien light sign hip-hop party, the bedroom children’s room, the game area bar decoration, and the people who bought it said they prepared this for the game room. It has interesting colors, and children like it! There is a white film on the back that needs to be removed. I absolutely recommend this! It won’t get hot and can be hung in many ways. The wire is long and there is a switch. It’s cute, I’m glad to get it.


Neon signs Cool LED signs are eye-catching art decorations in your room. With some letter elements, the creative and exquisite neon wall lamp conveys a bright and energetic message.


This sign is cute, looks very real, and matches the real brightness. The colors are bright blue and pink.