led neon sign wholesale

The manufacturer first told you to take down the protective film. At first, I thought it was a part of the logo, but I read the user manual, so I knew to take it down immediately. I say this because it is difficult to peel it off at the beginning to make you believe that it is a part of the logo, but once you can separate it from the logo, it will fall off quickly. The size of the logo itself is not bad. It is a bright side, not including a dimmer. It will certainly light up a room, and it will cover the neon lamp next to me, but I have got used to it, and really like it now. It only has USB interface, and there is a switch on the power line, excluding the adapter on the wall. Neon lights only provide this kind of aesthetics. This logo feels quite well made and completely separated from the box. It is USB powered, including power supply.


led neon rope light wholesale customer said that he ordered this for his grandson, and he liked it very much. The color is super bright. It exceeded any expectations. It can keep bright and beautiful colors, but for now, it is great.  “ I’m going to steal it from him for a day or so to use at the church light party. I think it will stand out in our decoration. I will definitely recommend this product. Thank you for letting my grandson have such a day!!!! Brightness is a single level, which means you can’t change the brightness setting separately. This is a really good product. It’s really light and easy to hang up. Very good sign. I only hope it has a USB connection power supply. I have a spare on hand on my back deck. When friends come, they can add more atmosphere. If your customers like neon lights, you can find some neon lights that meet their taste on the Internet or in the market to surprise them and increase customer satisfaction. Of course, you also need to consider the budget and actual needs of customers, and select products with appropriate price, color, shape, size and other products that meet their taste. If necessary, you can consult with relevant professionals to ensure that your choice is appropriate.”